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3 Book Bundle

Featuring RamblingsThe Last Best Day, and Nineteen Years to Sunrise this bundle documents Michael Altizer's intimately composed accounts of his hunting and fishing journeys, from Patagonia to Alaska along with the guns, fly rods, bows and friends with whom he shared the adventures.

Altizer's gifts are not only those of a fine storyteller, but a conjurer of images, using words like artists' brushes to color the landscapes of his, and our, memories. His sensitive style takes you to where he is and to what he's doing, and lets you feel what he feels.

Each book includes many photographs, paintings, and drawings that will transport you to the field to hear and smell the resonant patter of rain on the brim of a trusty old hat, and the sweet, pungent aroma of November wafting through the woods on a cool autumn eve, the summertime taste of fresh-picked tomatoes on your tongue, a cottonwood storm in early June and more. But wherever they take you, you will most certainly remember the journey. And you might even find yourself returning again and again along the trail these stories weave until it is indistinguishable from your own.

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