The Last Best Day

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Hardcover, 250 pages. 

Thirty-five true-life stories covering the author's fly fishing adventures from the creeks on the Appalachians to the high country streams of the West to the great salmon and trout waters in Alaska. 250 pages; illustrated by Brett James Smith.

The Last Best Day is a book about fly-fishing. Not so much about fly-fishing as a sport, but fly-fishing as a way of life, an experience so intricately woven into the fabric of being as to be foundational to other less sublime realities or mere physical existence.

It is about a perception which transcends the day-to-day and elevates the essence of living to a higher place. This is not a book about how to fly-fish, but instead about what fly-fishing means and how it feels and where in can lead, both in body and in spirit.

These stories come from the creeks and rivers of the Appalachians, to the high country and desert streams of the American Southwest, to the great salmon, rainbow, and grayling waters of Alaska, and back to "the little brook trout stream where the snow monster lives."

They take you to places you may never have dared to venture. And in the end, they take you home. But wherever they take you, you will most certainly remember the journey. And you might even find yourself returning again and again along the trail these stories weave until it is indistinguishable from your own.

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