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Hardcover, 393 Pages.

This collection of 30 wildlife profiles reprints essays originally published in Wildlife Art magazine. McIntosh writes with flair and genuine feeling about species of birds and animals native to North America, from the uncommon (bison and bald eagles) to the familiar (the cardinals and deer populating suburbia). His prose is at times self-deprecatingly earthy ("My Brittany girl, October, thinks hunting woodcock is more fun than break dancing in cowflops") and other times lyrical ("My heart was not in hiding the summer it stirred for a bird. It was in Iowa"). Factual information presented in lively, readable style makes this a delightful volume for nature lovers to dip into at random.

This book is devoted to animals native to North America and dear to McIntosh's heart. He is master essayist, combining natural science, myth, history, poetry, and a lifetime of personal experience to bring these animals to life.

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