Wild South: Hunting & Fly Fishing the Southern Hemsphere

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Softcover, 206 pages.

An epic adventure across the best fly-fishing and hunting to be found in Africa, South America, New Zealand, Australia and more. From trout to birds to big game, it's all here - stalking deep forest for elusive stags and wild boar; waterfowl and upland birds over gun dogs; encounters with plains game and the Big Five; to reflections on fly fishing for trout, tiger fish and dorado. Written with heart and style 'Wild South' captures perfectly a deep love of fly fishing, bird hunting, gun dogs and big game in some of the world's last great frontiers.

About the Author
Peter Ryan has hunted across four continents. His writing and images have appeared in the world's premier outdoor journals, including Fieldsports, Gray's Sporting Journal, the African Hunting Gazette, Sporting Classics, Halali, Shooting Sportsman, Field & Game Australia and The Hunter's Journal. His essays have been translated into several languages. His previous books, Wild South and Hunting New Zealand — Parts Unknown, launched to critical acclaim. Peter lives in New Zealand's South Island with his wife, son and daughter.

‘Pete Ryan is one hell of a writer – he writes as a man who knows the ground on which he walks, the waters in which he wades. He’s the real deal.’ Sporting Classics (USA)

‘Sure there are those who pump out words. But unusual is the author who writes from the soul, who strings prose together to melt your heart.’ Fish & Game New Zealand

‘Once in a great while some wonderful and unexpected delight hurtles from thin air…such is the case with Peter Ryan’s marvellous book, Wild South.’ Shooting Sportsman (USA)

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