Wild Asia: Spirit of A Continent

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Hardcover, 192 Pages.

In the depths of Indian jungle, atop the ruins of an ancient temple, a lone Tyger waits. What's he waiting for? Another Tyger of course! From this rain drenched forest in India, to the high plains of the Tibetan plateau, to the frozen wastes of Siberia, you can view the many wonders of nature in Wild Asia. There is no one author for this beautiful coffee-table book, but it does have at least 12 contributing scientist/photographers that put it all together.

The book is based on a 9 part TV documentary under the same name, produced by a New Zealand film company called "Natural History New Zealand". The text portion of the book is in the form of 11 short essays, each one written by one of the contributors. These essays introduce you to the different realms of the Asian sub-continent and provide you with a biological overview for each one of them. 

Arctic tundra, Gobi- "the waterless place", tropical rainforest of Sumatra and the Himalayan mountains are some of the scenic wonders you'll see. There are more animals than you can count: Asian lions, Komodo Dragons, orangutans, musk-ox and reticulated pythons. Some of the creatures are quite common, others are very rare, and there are even a few species new to science. If you'r at all interested in the natural world and in nature photography you just might find something worth remembering in this amazing book.

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