Turkey Roost Tales

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Hardcover, 135 Pages.

Turkey Roost Tales is the second book of turkey hunting stories by Bobby Dale. It is a collection of tales from his own experiences pursuing 'his majesty' and some from his hunting buddies and old timers in the sport. As was "Double Gobble", this is not a how-to-hunt book, but one intended to share many interesting and fun stories that we have enjoyed over the years. You will again hear from some of my old friends from "Double Gobble"; Woodrow Dixon, Will Primos, and JoLynn Munro, as well as several new characters who have a tale or two to tell. A couple of chapters pay tribute to times past. I feel that the telling and retelling of our tales helps define us turkey hunters as a 'culture' of our own and helps us preserve the legacy of our beloved sport. 

Regarding Turkey Roost Tales from the book's Foreword..... A major aspect of the turkey hunting experience is sharing of tales, and when we are fortunate enough to come across one of its adherents capable of doing so in a delightful fashion, they richly deserve our appropriation. That is why, in a nutshell, I volunteered to write these introductory remarks. I think Bobby Dale deserves recognition as the latest in a long, proud line of storytelling sons of the South who care deeply about turkey hunting and who are blessed with an outstanding ability to share it.
—Jim Casada Outdoors Writer, Author, and Editor

One of the more marvelous attributes of turkey hunting is that it is an occupation that almost requires that you talk shop about it later on. Mark Twain, you will remember, in Life on the Mississippi, notes how the conversation of river pilots almost never gets away from the river.

Turkey hunters as a cult, tend to reinforce Mark's point year after year, but about turkeys, not the river. Nobody does this talking about it later better than Bobby Dale. This book is full of the stories you hear on the steps of any clubhouse, or lodge, or pair of trucks parked on the side of the road after the hunt. The names may be different, the locale may not coincide with your own, but the stories have that stamp of authenticity.
Here is a man who has had turkeys kick his butt and ruthlessly disregard his tactics most of the time, just like all the rest of us. Here is a man who regularly keeps coming back for more and again, just like all the rest of us, enjoys the whole thing just as much as he did in the beginning, and he recounts theses tales, mostly tales of defeat and distaste with grace and charm and wit. Sit back, freshen your drink, and prepare to walk along with him a little ways. I tell you before you start that you are going to enjoy it. —Tom Kelly Author of Tenth Legion

Doc caught the magic of what is turkey hunting in his first book, Double Gobble, and he's done it again in Turkey Roost Tales. At the end of the day, hunters get together with their buddies and share the day's successes and failures. Some of these stories are embellished while others are outright lies so I for one think it's quite fitting that Doc named this book, Turkey Roost Tales.
I first met Doc in 1981 or 1982. I had just had my appendix taken out. Here it was, opening weekend of turkey season, and even though I wasn't quite fully recovered from the surgery, I wasn't going to miss opening day. At noon, I was at our usual meeting place, Woodrow Dixon's kitchen, to sit down to some of Sadie's great cooking. It was there that Woodrow introduced me to Doc and an idea hit me. Maybe I can get this doctor to take my stitches out so I wouldn't have to be back to the doctor on Monday. That way I could hunt all weekend including Monday. The doc obliged and that started our friendship.
Thanks, Doc, for taking the time once again to make it possible for all turkey hunters, young and old, to read these stories that you've put together so we can all grin and laugh along with you. —Will Primos Primos Game Calls

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