Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting & Home

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Softcover, 116 Pages. 

Training Your Pointing Dog for Hunting & Home describes how to develop an obedient gun dog that is also an affectionate family companion, with training schedules and advice on everything from handling a newborn pup to teaching advanced field techniques and finely tuned pointing manners. This book presents a simplified, commonsense approach that can be used in its entirety or to troubleshoot individual aspects of your dog’s education.

You will learn the importance of early obedience training and appropriate transition to the field, including tips for retrieving, quartering, sight pointing, and bird work. With proper care and handling, you can cultivate your pup’s natural aptitudes and achieve a rewarding relationship with a healthy, happy gun dog. Also details: Advice on how to choose the right breed for your personality and hunting style, Training tips for housebreaking and basic living commands, Techniques for introducing the gun, achieving staunchness on point, and advanced field quartering and retrieving, How to prevent problem behaviors of deer chasing, blinking, gun shyness, hardmouth, and short stopping.

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