Training and Hunting Bird Dogs: How to Become a Better Hunter and Dog Owner

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Softcover, 195 pages.

With lessons on dogs’ desires, skills, and abilities to learn, care and feeding, health and safety, preparation, and shooting, Training and Hunting Bird Dogs is the ultimate guide to maximizing happiness and minimizing frustration whether out on the hunt or relaxing in the backyard.

“My dogs and I get along best when I hit the birds they produce for me. Putting the odds in my favor is the least I can do. Now, so can you.”

If you hunt for pheasants, grouse, quail, and other upland birds, forming a partnership with your dog can be a daunting challenge.
 Wingshooting USA’s Scott Linden is here to help. Training and Hunting Bird Dogs fills in the blanks for the wingshooter and dog owner with solid advice that will improve dog and hunter’s levels of communication, respect, and hunting efficiency. Even better, Linden’s lovable, often hilarious tone makes taking advice on training, strategizing, and partnership enjoyable to human and canine alike.​

Don’t be a student at the school of hard knocks—
Training and Hunting Bird Dogs advances an upland hunter’s skills quickly, creatively, and without any of the angst of more difficult methods.

"What the Dogs Taught Me is an excellent read for any birddog owner, bird hunter, or amateur dog trainer. With his usual humility, and lack of an ‘I know it all’ attitude, Scott Linden presents the reader with a treasure trove of valuable information from training to the field. If you’re series about your bird hunting, you will benefit greatly from Scott’s insights learned from his years of experience. What the Dogs Taught Me would be a fine addition to the reference library of any bird hunter.” —Dez Young

“This fine, information- and insight-packed by Scott Linden teaches us all a great lesson: Trust your bird dog. He knows what he’s barking about.” —Thomas McIntyre, author of The Snow Leopard’s Tale and Shooter’s Bible Guide to Optics

“Scott’s book What the Dogs Taught Me is a winner! Scott has succeeded in blending anecdotes, training advice, [and] nutrition and health tips with a sincere passion and love for his life with dogs and the outdoors. What the Dogs Taught Me is much more than a reference book. It is a must-have for those who train, hunt, and enjoy the marvelous world of hunting dogs.” —George Hickox, George Hickox Bird Dogs

About the Author
Scott Linden is the creator and host of the television show Wingshooting USA, an active magazine writer, podcaster ( and blogger ( He also publishes a monthly newsletter devoted to helping readers become better hunters and dog owners. His Upland Nation University seminars and speeches have been presented throughout the country. He lives near Bend, Oregon, with his wife and German Wirehaired Pointer, Flick.

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