This Quiet Dust: A Chronicle of Old Frontenac

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Ivan Kubista, This Quiet Dust. Vantage Press. 1978. Hardbound in dust jacket. Book and dust jacket fine. $25.

This vivid, absorbing, and scrupulously researched historical novel focuses on Lewis and Israel Garrard, brothers and members of a prominent Cincinnati family who set out for the Northwest Territory in the early 1850s and eventually carved out of the Minnesota wilderness an Edenic community called Frontenac. Though little known today, Frontenac was planned and executed along rational humane lines, and not to further the commercial interests of land speculators. Its natural beauty and contentment of its inhabitants stand as a monument of the spirit of the Garrards and perhaps the only lasting testament to the viability of nineteenth-century utopian schemes"--Front flap

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