Theodore Roosevelt: Hunter-Conservationist

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Softcover, 312 Pages.

Illuminates the neglected side of Theodore Roosevelt; his absorbing interests in firearms, hunting, and the outdoors.Theodore Roosevelt: Hunter-Conservationist reflects the zest for life that was so powerfully characteristic of TR. For decades, Roosevelt's big game hunting books have been among the most often quoted and reprinted of works in that genre. But no illustrated biography of Roosevelt as the consummate hunter, outdoorsman, and arms enthusiast existed until this pioneering work. With insights from acclaimed producer, director, and screenwriter John Milius (Rough Riders, The Wind and the Lion, Red Dawn, Dillinger, Apocalypse Now, et al.), this monumental book captures the adventurous outdoor life of the hunter, rancher, explorer, soldier, statesman, author, conservationist, and wholly visionary 26th President of the United States. As a dedicated conservationist, Roosevelt will forever be a heroic figure to America's outdoors.

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