The Wobbler

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The Wobbler: is an oscillating mechanism that moves an attached LaserPro back and
forth to duplicate real life Sporting Clays and Trap targets. Used alone, the LaserPro projects straight line targets; used with the Wobbler, the LaserPro projects real-life targets that arch and move in unpredictable patterns. 

When attached to the Wobbler, the LaserPro is constantly oscillating back and forth and will shoot out targets that are curved, rising or falling at an angle, a driven bird, jumping teal, or chandelle. For Trap shooters, the Wobbler will shoot out targets from different starting points, making them just as unpredictable as they are on the Trap range.

The Wobbler raises the level of difficulty of your practice shooting, increasing your ability to hit those challenging targets and significantly enhancing your hand-eye coordination.

The Wobbler has a 3-prong, 115v plug with a 6' cord.


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