The Tide Flows Out

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273 Pages, Hardcover.
Signed by John P. Faris, Jr.
Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories

In The Tide Flows Out, his third collection of outdoor stories, you'll see John as the consummate outdoor sportsman. It is the delightful combination of genuine outdoor lore and his ability to spin a good yarn that makes John's writing so compelling.

Reviewed & endorsed by Jim Casada of Sporting Classics who said "I have frequently bemoaned the fact that sporting tellers of tales in yesteryear—like Havilah Babcock, Nash Buckingham, Charlie Dickey, Robert Ruark, and Archibald Rutledge—men who brightened our days and lightened our ways with their enduring, enduring accounts seemed increasingly to belong to a world we have lost. Now, with his third collection of skillfully crafted stories, John Faris is happily proving me wrong. His writing exudes reality, seizes the reader's heart, and takes us delightfully to fields and waters of dreams. Read and relish The Tide Flows Out. You will leave its pages touched and uplifted." -Jim Casada

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