The Peregrine Falcon


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Hardcover, 416 Pages.

The first edition of The Peregrine Falcon was widely recognised as a classic of its kind, documenting not only the species' biology but the sad story of its decline due to the impact of pesticides.

This extensively revised and enlarged second edition takes full account of important new developments in the story of this bird during the 12 years since the first publication. Many of the tables and figures have been revised and brought up to date so that this volume is by far the most detailed and readable reference on this most evocative of birds. Donald Watson's colour paintings, monochrome washes and line drawings, as well as the original photographs, illustrate the book as before.
"This classic 'Poyser' is one of the most important bird monographs ever published: this study is directly linked with the whole of modern environmental awareness. It is a fascinating and very readable book which deserves to be on all birder's bookshelves, and now it has been fully revised and updated from the original 1980 edition. Thoroughly recommended." —Birding World

Key Features
* The long awaited up-to-date revision of the classic bestseller
* First Edition has been out for several years Now a collector's item
* Latest information on status and distribution of the species
* Updated information on all aspects of the species biology

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