The Laser Shooter

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The LaserShooter: Fits into the muzzle of a shotgun and centers itself perfectly to ensure continuous, accurate alignment from gun to target. The LaserShooter comes in 4 gauge sizes (12, 20, 28 and 410) which are usable for all gauges, from 10 gauge to 410) The LaserShooter can be used indoors, in poor ambient conditions and outside.

It is constructed of aluminum with 3 brass contact balls in the gauge adaptor to assure centering in the gun's bore. No harm can come to the bore or choke as a result of inserting the LaserShooter. There are two points of electric conductivity:

  1. Inside the bore by the three brass balls
  2. By the laser shaft touching the gun's muzzle.

Two points of contact assures good conductivity even with dirty bores or removeable chokes. We neither use nor recommend plastic parts that can be dissolved by harsh bore cleaners.

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