The Greatest Deer Hunting Book - Deluxe Edition

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Hardcover with Dust Jacket, 440 Pages.
Signed and numbered by Jim Casada.

There’s something about the deer-hunting experience, indefinable yet undeniable, which lends itself to the telling of exciting tales. This book offers abundant examples of the manner in which the quest for whitetails extends beyond the field to the comfort of the fireside. It includes more than 40 sagas which stir the soul, tickle the funny bone, or transport the reader to scenes of grandeur and moments of glory. 

On these pages is a stellar lineup featuring some of the greatest names in American sporting letters. There’s Nobel and Pulitzer prize-winning William Faulkner, the incomparable Robert Ruark in company with his “Old Man,” Archibald Rutledge, perhaps our most prolific teller of whitetail tales, genial Gene Hill, legendary Jack O’Connor,Gordon MacQuarrie and many others.

Altogether, these carefully chosen selections from the finest writings of a panoply of sporting scribes open wide the door to reading wonder.  As you read their works you’ll chuckle, feel a catch in your throat or a tear in your eye, and venture vicariously afield with men and women who instinctively know how to take readers to the setting of their story.

This is an anthology to sample and savor, perhaps one story at a time or in an extended session of armchair adventure. That’s a choice for each individual reader, but rest assured that on these 465 pages, there’s an abundance of opportunity to be enlightened and entertained.

Size 9.5" x 6.125"

The Greatest Deer Hunting Book Ever provides what is in effect a portable hunt camp, replete with stirring sagas of whitetail delight. In these pages, the deer season is always open and the sport’s joys endlessly unfold.

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