The Essential Kelson: A Fly-Tyer's Compendium

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Hardcover, 313 Pages.

If there is one milestone in the whole of salmon fishing literature which no fisherman should be without, it is George Mortimer Kelson's The Salmon Fly: how to dress it and how to use it, first published in 1895. Terry Griffiths, in his brilliant new book, The Essential Kelson has made a meticulous study of the complete writings of Kelson, showing how far ahead of his time he really was. Terry has invited some of the world's foremost classic salmon fly-tyers to interpret and tie many of Kelson's extremely complex patterns, giving us a new understanding of his unique take on the classic salmon fly. These have been beautifully photographed and lavishly reproduced on high quality paper. This definite new interpretation of Kelson, his philosophy and work, will doubtless enhance his deserved reputation as the classic salmon fly-tyer by which so many modern tyers set their sights.

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