The Art of Milton C Weiler

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Hardcover, 152 Pages.

Milton C. Weiler acutely portrayed his passion for wildlife through his mastery of painting, carving and drawing. As stated by the Grand Central Art Galleries’ exhibition catalog, “the art of Milt Weiler has authenticity because he lives the life he paints. An avid gunner and angler, he has shared the wild-fowler’s chill dawn and known the surging, heart-stopping leap of the Atlantic salmon.”

“Weiler was considered one of the most accomplished painters of hunting and fishing scenes in this country, and he was an expert carver of decoys”, write Nelson Bryant, former Outdoors columnist for the New York Times.

The Art of Milton C. Weiler showcases the painting of Weiler as well as telling about his life. The book is a lush reproduction of many of Weiler’s paintings, sketches and book covers. It is sure to please those interested in the best of sporting art and those who love the outdoors.

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