Ten Was The Deal

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252 pages, Hardcover
Signed by John P. Faris, Jr.
Southern Hunting and Fishing Stories

Ten Was The Deal is more than a book of stories about hunting and fishing, it offers all of the enchantment of yarns spun while sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck; all of the lore of tales told around a campfire.

Some of John's best stories emerge while angling for bream in a farm pond or perched in a duck blind in Pamplico Sound. John writes about shooting wood ducks and helicopters on the same day. He also describes for us how battleships moving down the Atlantic coast and fishing for spot tail bass make for the best day ever. In these pages we learn the secret recipe for the best dang lard in Laurens County and discover how duck hunting can lead to a good grade in French class. We'll also hear the story behind the sage advice that big possums walk late.

John's stories are set in pinewoods, along Piedmont streams, in Lowcountry fields, or along the coast of the Carolinas. This volume reveals a boy's journey to manhood: turkey hunting with a grandfather, duck hunting with a dad, and sharing his first kiss with a fishing buddy.

Size 9.5 x 6.125"

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