Sporting Classics Bandanas


Color: Set of Three
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Blow Your Nose, Bind a Cut, Oil Your Gun — A Thousand Uses.

Remember when a cotton handkerchief was an essential part of your grandfather’s wardrobe? Once you start carrying these handy little cloth squares you’ll understand why, and you’ll not want to be without one.

Ours are easy-on-the-nose 100% cotton, 22 inch square so they’re big enough for the job, but not too thick, so they’ll fold up to fit neatly in your shirt pocket.

To make sure you are recognized as a person with excellent taste, we’ve printed them with the stylish Sporting Classics Canoe Logo. Now doesn’t the guy paddling remind you of your grandfather?

Get the Colored Set of 3 for $29.95 

Get a Single Bandana for $10.95

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