Spirit of the Wild Things

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Hardcover: 190 pages

Sandy Scott is widely recognized as one of the country’s premier animal sculptors and printmakers. 

Designed with highest possible standards, including a wealth of specially commissioned color plates and black-and-white photos, this book is meant to be savored and cherished. At its heart are Scott’s own thoughts and musings, compiled in her journals over the years. Organized into four chapters titled Seeing, Feeling, Understanding and Expressing, these tantalizing essays summarize Scott’s working methods, beginning with childhood years hunting and fishing, which established her lifelong profile as an avid outdoorswoman and lover of animals. 

Blending science with beauty, Scott reveals insights she has garnered from years of teaching others the mechanics of sculpting birds. In Expressing she explores how her own style moves from loose to precise depending upon the subject before her. Drawing firsthand experience as well as art history, she emphasizes the importance of design and composition and helps art collectors learn how to view a sculpture in order to appreciate both its detail and its larger shapes.

Spirit of the Wild Things also includes examples of Scott’s popular etchings. Concise, colorful captions express her immediate thoughts about the creatures to which she gives form. A detailed Chronology identifies the major events that have impacted the life and art of this 20th century animalier whose bronzes cry out to be loved, admired and respected – to be touched with the hand and the eye, with the mind and the heart.

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