Sid! The Sports Legends, the Inside Scoops, and the Close Personal Friends

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Hardcover, 320 pages.  
by Patrick Reusse, 1997.
Signed by Sid Hartman.

Sid Hartman has been at the center of Minnesota sports for more than 60 years, getting the inside scoop from players, coaches, owners, and his many "close personal friends." This fascinating tell-all reveals Sid's life and career, from his days as a newspaper boy in Minneapolis and his first scoops as a cub reporter with the Minneapolis Tribune, to his place as a true Minnesota legend.  From his controversial role as de facto general manager of the Minneapolis Lakers to his fight to save the Twins, Sid has been in the thick of the local sports scene at all levels.  In these pages, sports fans will be privy to Sid's insight into hundreds of events and legendary figures, from Bud Grant and Bob Knight to Kirby Puckett and Kevin Garnett.  As one of the most widely read and listened-to sports journalists in the Midwest for over half a century, Sid's impact has been felt by fans from all walks of life, including renowned figures such as Tom Brokaw and Walter Mondale, who called Sid "one of America's hardest-working, most widely read sportswriters."

Join Sid and his cast of thousands, and enjoy their outrageous stories---and learn some Minnesota sports history in the process.  This updated paperback edition includes Sid's reminiscences on the past decade of Minnesota sports, including the resurgent Twins, the rocky Vikings, and his always-beloved Gophers.

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