Roots & Reflections

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Hardcover with Slipcase
191 pages.

Published in 1997 this timeless book celebrates the landscapes, histories and habitats that have served as the famed North Carolina artist's inspiration. For more than twenty-five years, Timberlake's artistic efforts have been internationally acclaimed for their fine depictions of the region's life and heritage.

This exciting book sweeps the reader into the world of Bob Timberlake, a world captured in rich detailed pictures by photographer Walter Pfeiffer and evocative, insightful essays by North Carolina writer Eddie Nickens The lively interplay of words and photographs is enhanced by many of Timberlake's well-known paintings as well as a number reproduced here for the first time.

Beyond his paintings, Timberlake has extended his artistic vision into furniture, home furnishings, vernacular architecture and countless objects of everyday living.

Readers encountering Timberlake's art and designs for the firs ttime as well as those who have long treasured his work will find themselves immersed in a world that captures a fading way of life. To enter the pages of this book is to become a companion on Timberlake's journey through his heritage.

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