Pavlov's Trout: The Incompleat Psychology of Everyday Fishing


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Hardcover, 224 pages.
Signed by Paul Quinnett

Pavlov's Trout answers that question and many more as it examines the mysteries of the sport of fishing through the microscope of modern psychology. Eminent psychologist and veteran fisherman Paul Quinnett, Ph.D., explores the many, often mysterious motivations that attract millions to the sport of fishing. In this lighthearted and insightful book, Quinnett postulates that people fish to satisfy primitive instinct, connect to the wilderness, relieve stress, and to experience the optimism, freedom, and excitement of the pursuit. Pavlov's Trout is truly a fishing book like no other -- a venturing into the world of the psyche of the angler, a world where it is better to fish hopefully than to catch fish.

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