Paradox - The Story of Colonel G.V. Fosbery, Holland & Holland and The Paradox Rifled Shot and Ball Gun

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Hardcover, Great Condition.
Signed by David J. Baker and Roger E. Lake
Extremely scarce. No copies listed in World Cat.

This privately-published book is an in-depth, long-term study of a remarkable gun and its equally remarkable inventor. George Fosbery had the unique distinction of winning the Victoria Cross armed with a weapon of his own invention, while his part-rifled gun effectively doubled the accurate range of the ball & shot gun. Each author has contributed his own section.

David Baker's concerns George Fosbery and his life story. While researching this, the Fosbery family was traced, yielding biographical information and previously unpublished photographs. Fosbery's service record with the Honourable East India Company produced yet more insights, as did the Journal of the Royal United Services Institute, where Fosbery gave a series of lectures. These discourses are combined with Fosbery's 26 patents, including a rifle which did well in the trials of 1867, the famous "Automatic Revolver", contemporary accounts and his involvement with the Montigny Mitrailleuse volley gun.

Roger Lake has had privileged access to the records at Holland & Holland and thus has been able to unravel the complex evolution of the Paradox from its original black powder form to the later nitro versions. He traces the evolution through its introduction and ensuing controversy, on to the production history. Also covered are all the various models (Magnum, Long Range and Nitro Express) and bores (8 bore to 28 bore). In addition, there are biographies of owners, and narratives of hunters' experiences with the Paradox and the use of the Paradox and the Aero Gun in World War I. 291 pages, 9 1/4 inches x 12 inches (300 x 228mm,) 308 color and 84 black & white photographs.

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