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Hardcover, 280 Pages.

More Shotguns & Shooting is a continuation and expansion of the material in volume one. It includes further insights and stories about fine guns and how they're made, coupled with practical tips and advice for shotgunners. The subjects are wide ranging, allowing McIntosh to capture the whole gun with unequaled insight and eloquence--whether he's describing the painstaking work involved in transforming a blank of Old World walnut into a beautiful finished stock or the ways in which hands, eyes, and instinct combine in proper shooting technique. His erudite and approachable style makes reading this book like conversing with an old friend.

“Although he certainly retained a deep interest in literature, and an even deeper one in history, his great love was shotguns and he wrote about them almost exclusively. And, to be blunt, no one in the latter part of the 20th century wrote about them so eloquently and with such passion.” — Terry Wieland, Shotgun Life

“Michael’s brilliance with the English language — ‘words’ as he called them — ushered in the renaissance in fine guns. He could capture their appeal like no one else, and speak to our hopes and aspirations and to fine days afield with good friends and great dogs.” — Vic Venters, Sporting Classics

“McIntosh has the knack of describing scenes with a vibrancy usually reserved for the visual arts.”
— Bruce Buck, Shooting Sportsman

A former English professor and Shakespearean scholar, the late Michael McIntosh was also widely known as one of the best-known gun and sporting writers in the world. His writings appeared in numerous shooting and gun-dog magazines and he wrote more than a dozen books, including A.H. Fox, Wild Things, Robert Ruark’s Africa, and Best Guns, one of the most popular shotgun books ever written. He died in 2010.

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