McElroy Hunts Mountain Game


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Campfire Tales About Big Game Hunting on Six Continents

By C.J. McElroy

250 Pages. Hardcover w Dust jacket

112 photographic illustrations. Large 8½x11 inch format.

Some think that nothing compares to hunting truly free ranging mountain game in their rugged, natural terrain. The Grand Slam of North American wild sheep, a Super Slam of the world’s sheep, markhor in Pakistan, ibex on several continents, plus European, South American and African game. They’re all here. His quest for these animals lasted an incredible fifty years! His stories take the reader to some of the most spectacular and remote places on this planet. No matter how much technology changes most things on earth, one thing remains constant: the mountain game hunter must climb high, trek on foot, and deserve that “highly rewarded” feeling when that head of heads finally comes to rest beside his tired feet.

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