Make Every Shot Count!


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Hardcover, 258 pages.

Scott Olmsted is a former Marine rifleman, NRA-certified rifle instructor, graduate of premier shooting schools, and the editor in chief of the NRA's American Hunter magazine, he knows his business . . . as well as being an expert marksman. In Make Every Shot Count!, he leverages all his personal knowledge and that of other experts to present an authoritative, seasoned approach aimed at making any hunter a better shooter. In addition to his descriptive writing, color photos depict the critical placement of a rifleman's feet, legs, shoulders, arms, hands, and head for making accurate shots on big game. Besides providing readers with the most effective visual examples of what to do and how to do it, these photos devote special emphasis to how your limbs can create maximum stability and the steadiest shooting platform for any shot. All the aspects of shooting a rifle quickly and accurately, under real-life hunting conditions, are covered in this well-researched and illustrated book that is sure to make all hunters better shooters.

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