Life at an African Pool: Waiting for Rain

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Hardcover, 136 Pages.

Describes and illustrates the stress suffered by wild animals as their source of water dries up during the heat of an African spring season.

He had to survive not only the heat and the dryness but also swarming, stinging bees, angry elephants, and other hooved beasties who saw him as someone trying to scare them away from the only water hole for miles. Struthers' consequent capturing of the ebb and flow of the proverbial battle for existence is excellent and also highly admirable. Yet the color photographs seem awfully washed out--indeed, rather colorless. Perhaps this is due to the light and the hues of animals and countryside in a very dry section of Africa, or perhaps it's due to poor printing. Whatever the reason, the photographs (especially some that appear out-of-focus) that should be one of the book's strongest selling points turn out to be one of the weakest. Still, the book's definitely worth a look.

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