King of Beasts: A Study of the African Lion - Collector's Edition -Signed by John Banovich


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KING OF BEASTS: A Study of the African Lion
208 Pages 
Written by David Cabela

Signed by John Banovich

Written by David Cabela, an expert on conservation, wildlife and things Africa, King of Beasts pays homage not only to lions but also to John Banovich's exquisite art and remarkable achievements. On these pages you will discover over 130 paintings and 20 sketches of lions and other beasts of the veldt.

Every one of these captivating images originated in Africa, where John has observed and, in some cases, studied more than 2,500 individual lions in the wild. John Banovich believes he was born to tell the lion’s story—from its ancient past to its troubling future. And on these pages, he tells that story the best way he knows how—by painting it. Over his illustrious 26-year career as one of the world’s foremost wildlife artists, John has continued to draw and paint the African lion more than any other subject, simply because no other animal speaks to him quite the same way.

From LiveOak Press, publishers of Sporting Classics, King of Beasts – A Study of the African Lion showcases 134 stunning color plates and 20 drawings of the lion and the many fascinating creatures that share the big cat’s wild domain.

Two editions available, each signed by John Banovich.

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