Hunting Trophy Deer

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Hardcover, 262 Pages.

Hunting Trophy Deer is designed to aid the hunter in scouting and collecting that "one for the wall," that elusive, mature buck. Trophy deer are not acquired by luck, writes Wootters, but by skill, planning, and discipline. Wootters also offers some controversial ideas on another aspect of trophy hunting - game management.

This is a basic, sensible, clear hunt plan that enables any hunter to go out in his own local hunting area and collect the best buck that region has to offer. And for the hunter who aspires to have a listing in the Boone and Crockett records, Wootters advises where the big bucks have been coming from in North America most recently.

Revised and augmented from its 1977 edition, Hunting Trophy Deer includes the freshest information on this classic sport.

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