Hunting the African Buffalo and Lion

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Hardcover, 614 Pages.

Combines the best of the two Amwell limited editions and adds NEW material by other recent, well known professional hunters. All the authors whose stories are included are men who are legends in the big game hunting fraternity. "You don't get engaged to a Cape Buffalo, you get married to him - for life, his or yours. When being hunted, the cape buffalo is dedicated to one thing, living, and to the principle that either you eliminate him or he will eliminate you. The lion, a hunter itself, does not respond well to threats. When it comes for you, make up your mind to shoot or clear out, for the lion covers 100 yards in half the time required for an Olympic sprinter.

Through 42 exciting chapters you will go along old and new game trails with some very special authors. Featuring Selous, Roosevelt, Maillais, Foran, Percival, Kirby, Stigand, Patterson, Madeira, Seia, Hallamore, de Lima, Monvoison and Coheleach. For those who may never get the chance to hunt in Africa, and for those who have, these thrilling narratives, will transport you to and through the great African big game hunting fields.

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