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The Helle 2022 Limited Edition JS knife was designed by Jan Steffen Helle - grandson of founder Sigmund Helle, and current production manager at the Helle factory. The starting point and inspiration for this 2022 limited edition knives comes from Helle's venerable Fjellkniven knife: a knife that represented the "high water mark" for Helle's traditional Norwegian knife making production techniques and styling for the first 30 years of operation, and a knife that is still in production to this day.

Jan Steffen’s design features a 110 mm long and highly polished H3LS blade with a slight false edge/swedge on the spine. The 107 mm handle features stacked red leather inlets and curly birch in combination. The sheath, made with the original 1930s style Helle print on it, is done in black with red stitching to honour the forge that Jan Steffen’s grandfather was in charge of running.

For those looking for a functional, reliable knife that carries with it the history and traditions as well as the future of Norwegian knife making, the JS limited edition knife is an excellent choice.

Weight 146 g
Blade Length: 110 mm
Overall Length: 217 mm
Handle: Birch/Leather
Blade: Triple laminated stainless steel (H3LS)
Includes 1930's patterned genuine leather sheath

Made in Norway

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