Goodnews River

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Hardcover with Dust jacket, 242 Pages.
By Scott Sadil

Wild Fish, Wild Waters, and the Stories We Find There

This collection of 22 stories set on fabled waters from Alaska to Baja confirms Scott Sadil's reputation as a writer of literary fiction in the best sporting tradition. The stories capture the beauty of wild fish and the waters and landscapes where we find them and go beyond the fishing to explore relationships—between parents and children, husbands and wives, siblings, lovers, and friends—the real life situations that evoke the same win-lose drama played out between anglers and their prey. A master of language and sophisticated storytelling, Sadil brings a warm-hearted appreciation to the graceful messiness of human lives, especially the moments—sometimes humorous, always intimate—when we're hooked to something we feel certain we care about more than anything else in our lives.

About the Author: Scott Sadil is an author of essays, feature articles, and fiction about fly fishing. His work appears regularly in the significant fly-fishing magazines and he writes the fly-tying column for California Fly Fisher. This is his fifth book. He lives in Hood River, OR.

Reviews: The best fishing stories are about something other than fishing but wouldn’t have come up without the fishing. Scott not only understands that, he does it beautifully. —John Gierach, author of Trout Bum

Though billed as fiction, there’s too much familiarity in these essays to say they weren’t penned from the personal experiences of a dedicated angler. Sadil threads life into these stories and if that’s what you like, this is your read. —Greg Thomas, Editor, American Angler

Scott Sadil’s Goodnews River is the best of fiction wrapped around fishing. It delivers you to beautiful places you’ve never been, and might never go, introduces you to some folks you’d like to meet, and a few you’d rather not, all in fine prose that propels you to keep reading. —Dave Hughes, author of more than twenty books about fly fishing, including Handbook of Hatches, Tactics for Trout, and Essential Trout Flies

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