From The Peace To The Fraser

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Hardcover, 392 Pages.

Join the author as he fords rivers, climbs 1,000-foot cliffs, hunts for big game, maps unchartered landmarks of the Canadian Rockies, and explores the West in early 20th century. Tromp the back country of British Columbia and Alberta as Prentiss N. Gray and his hunting party map territories never before charted.

Explore the Canadian Rockies with a 26-horse pack train as Gray and other friends stalk sheep; weather wind and thunderstorms; pursue mountain goats up 1,000-foot precipices. This is the same trip described by Elmer Keith in his autobiography. Keith was cook and part-time guide on this expedition.

Climb aboard the S.S. Mount Royal to reach the headwaters of Telegraph Creek in the Yukon where Gray backpacks into the high country to photograph secretive wildlife using cumbersome, but state-of-the-art, early 20th century cameras. Experience the thrill of scaling cliffs in Alaska as Gray and his teenage son and daughter track Dall's sheep.

Hunt for bison on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake and for elk and mule deer in Wyoming in 1925 and 1926. Read Gray's account of his hike with George Bird Grinnell as the famous naturalists tracks elk near Yellowstone Park. Travel from the Peace River to the Fraser River in western Canada, and to the Humber River of Newfoundland.

From the Peace to the Fraser contains ten original journals of Prentiss N. Gray along with his magnificent wildlife photographs taken on his explorations throughout North America during his short life. Gray died in a freak boating accident in Florida's Everglades in 1935 as he began writing the second edition of the Boone and Crockett Club's famous all-time records book.

Gray's son, Sherman, saved this unique set of journals and generously loaned them to the Boone and Crockett Club for reproduction in the new B&C volume, From the Peace to the Fraser. Except for minor editing, the journals have been reproduced as they were written in the early 20th century. The large format, 400-page book, with more than 160 photographs, transports the reader on travels to Alaska, western states and many Canadian provinces.

This book will delight you and your friends with meticulous detail recorded when the vastness of the United States and Canada seemed limitless and the hunting possibilities seemed boundless.

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