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Limited edition of 400, leather-bound, gold gilded, signed and numbered by Mike Gaddis.

Life can be likened to ascending a mountain. The higher you climb, the more years you have beneath you, the farther you can see, the more unobstructed the view, the more you understand.

From A Higher Hill finds Mike Gaddis atop the enlightening vantage of almost eight decades. Looking back over the vast and enthralling sporting landscape of a life well lived. And ahead, to anticipate and savor whatever years are left to come. 

Upon this lofty precipice, one of the most celebrated and insightful sporting authors of our time again reaches beyond himself, this time retrieving sixty-five more episodic explorations of the sporting life, the whole of which transcend contemporary perspective, and ascend to rare and unexcelled poignancy.

Towering within a soaring cordillera of eclectic and intuitive stories and essays, every one a peak of extraordinary clarity to itself, are two pinnacle novellas, which illuminate with the force of sunlight tales of adventure heretofore bound in greater shadow. Light To the Darkness, Death With the Sun dawns chillingly as a life-and-death saga set deep within the spell-binding magic and mystique of the African Bushman culture, while Black Widow rises with blood-curdling reality to an equally riveting climax as an accompanying tale of Africa, and American hunter Dal Hardin, the man who obsessively loves her, from whom she will extract the ultimate price.

All in all, this book stands as a colossal landmark, overlooking and broadening the expanse of sporting literature with the drama of a Kilimanjaro.

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