Eye of the Eagle: The Outdoor Photography of Don Wooldridge

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Hardcover, 113 Pages.

Eye of The Eagle preserves some of the finest work of the late Don Wooldridge, a twenty-eight year veteran photographer with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Many of his best photographs are here, selected from an estimated 100,000 images that he put on film.
The book, in a sense, is an analytical one in that it conveys some of the How's and Why's, the What's and Where's of the Wooldridge touch in photography. The How's and Why's tell something about Don Wooldridge as a man and as a photographer. The What's and Where's tell about the place where he worked - Missouri - and how it shaped the scope, the content and the excellence of his work.

In return, he worked to help alter this place he called his "beat" - by interpreting it to millions so they could become to cherish as he did. And the skill of the man and the beauty of the place, blended together, make this a book about all outdoors, for all people, everywhere, who yearn to know the joys "betwixt earth and sky."

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