Euro Nymphing: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques

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Hardcover, 166 Pages.

Euro nymphing is a broad term for a wide range of subsurface fly-fishing techniques that rely on long leaders, light fly lines, and long rods. Because of the light lines, anglers can get better drifts, sink their flies faster, and detect even subtle strikes—with proper technique. Fly Fishing Team USA member Josh Miller is one of the most successful guides and coaches teaching this method, and in this new book he shares everything he knows about approach, presentation, and choosing the right flies. Josh Miller is a master of the Euro Nymph game. He thoughtfully shares his encyclopedic knowledge in this easy to read volume. The text and pictures will get you fired up to get out on your favorite trout stream to try out your new skills. Follow Josh and catch more fish, it’s that simple!

Josh Miller was a member of the Fly Fishing Team USA from 2016 through 2020, and recently led the US youth team to a gold medal in the 2023 World Championship in Bosnia. He has competed in the regional and national competition circuits and has assisted in coaching three world youth fly fishing championships. Miller is a full-time guide and traveling instructor and is a signature tier for Orvis, Fulling Mill, and others. Miller endorses Thomas and Thomas rods and Scientific Anglers. He lives with his wife, Sarah, and son, Jonah, in western Pennsylvania.

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