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Dreaming the Lion

Dreaming the Lion
320 Pages

By Thomas McIntyre

The 23 stories in this collection written by Sports Afield hunting editor Thomas McIntyre explore the wild casts over all who go afield with a gun or a rod. With an eloquent voice McIntyre looks at why we hunt and how the experience entriches us. From woodcock in Ireland to Dall sheep in Alaska to Cape buffalo in Africa, from chukkars in Idaho to pronghorn in Wyoming to muskox in the Northwest Territories, these essays explore the full range of the huning experience, with some exciting fishing thrown in for good measure. Running though the length of the book, as well, is the journal of a safari, the entries linking the essays and providing a transition between them, while at the same time revealing the growth of a young man's feelings about the wild. Illustrated by nationally recognized artist Glenn Wolff.

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