De Shootinest Gent'man & Other Tales


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Paperback, 240 Pages.

Nash Buckingham was without doubt the greatest outdoor writer of the twentieth century. His stories are told firsthand in the Ole Southern dialect. His vast experiences come from the heart of the Mississippi Flyway, the Gold Age of Wildfowling from the 1890's to 1940's.

If you happen to live within a 200-mile radius of Memphis, you'll likely recognize the area that Mr. Buckingham frequented. If you are a wingshooter and have not read this book before, do not let this opportunity pass. I guarantee you 100 percent reading satisfaction. Share this classic with young and old friends alike. Help preserve our Hunting Heritage.

This collection of eight stories first published in Field and StreamRecreation, and Outdoor Life was originally published by The Derrydale Press in 1934. 

Travel with Nash on some of the most heart-warming experiences ever put to paper by an outdoor writer. In the dead of winter by a nice fire in your favorite chair, get ready to relive some of the best hunting stories ever shared by America's finest outdoor author—Nash Buckingham.

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