Dawn of American Deer Hunting Volume III Deluxe Edition

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Whitetail hunting in this great land of ours is truly a “grand” obsession, and Dawn of American Deer Hunting, Volume III, will make you thankful for your own freedom to participate in and continue such a matchless tradition. The romance of the American deer camp as we knew it 100 years ago and the profound connection all modern hunters have with their ancestors and primitive hunters of the past will come to life as you turn the pages of this book. Featuring over 375 images, it will transport you back to simpler but more challenging times when rugged outdoorsmen had to endure whatever nature threw their way and sometimes suffer mightily in order to “bring home the bacon.” When it comes to our much-storied deer hunting heritage in America, old photos are like a time machine. They link us to the past. They become a gold mine of visual treasures that carry us back to those early days when our grandfathers and great-grandfathers constantly broke new ground so each new generation took the time-honored tradition of chasing whitetails to new levels. Deer hunting in America has always been more than a sport or avocation; it’s an American way of life. Dawn of American Deer Hunting captures many magic moments that otherwise might be lost forever.

Duncan Dobie has long specialized in writing about white-tailed deer. Many of the never-before-published photos in his extensive collection eventually found their way into the first volume of Dawn of American Deer Hunting. Now, an entirely new crop of notable photos graces the pages of Volume II. Duncan has hunted whitetails in 23 states and served as an elk and mule deer guide in a number of western states. His passion for old artifacts and hunting history shines through in his books and stories by informing and enlightening readers everywhere.

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