Dancers in the Sunset Sky: The Musings of a Bird Hunter

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Hardcover, 192 pages.

Well-crafted essays and stories recreate the hunting experience, capturing the feel of the woodlands, its distinct smells, the beauty of birds, and the excitement of the hunt.

The author has hunted all kinds of game birds, including prairie chicken, woodcock, ruffed grouse, pheasant, snipe, and Canada goose. He has seen more than 30 species in their native habitat in some seven countries. The pursuit of game birds has been his primary obsession for over half a century. This experience has contributed to his in-depth understanding and has resulted in his own abiding admiration for and love of his prey. Here is a collection of his outdoor writing that goes a long way in explaining his interest in bird hunting. It accomplishes a result akin to what A River Runs through It accomplished for the sport of fly fishing. He masterfully re-creates the hunting experience by capturing the feel and look of the woodlands, its many distinct smells, the beauty of the birds, and the excitement of the hunt. Hunters and outdoor sportspersons will find this a delightful read.

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