Cottar : The Exception was the Rule


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Hardcover, 330 Pages.
Signed by Pat Cottar

The Remarkable Short Stories of one of Kenya's Remarkable Pioneers. Charles Cottar, a fighter to the fingertips, is the kind of man they don't make any more. He came to Africa from the American west at a time when no fences and no rules were the rule. He brought that "can do" spirit with him. He was a superb shot with anything that fired a bullet. Although he lost the use of one eye and one leg, he did more hunting with the remaining one eye and leg than most men do with two. This rugged, purposeful figure was imbued with a dauntless courage that came through in his lifelong big game hunting adventures as well as in his richly detailed and fascinating stories. His style is cogent, observant and vibrant. He can inform and entertain at the same time. This book will create an atmosphere like you've never before experienced. 8 1/2 x 11 inch format. 130 illustrations.

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