2019 - 3 - May / June

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Featured articles:

Oliver Kemp
An artist in big game country.           By Oliver Kemp

Birth of a Fisherman
You never get over the sight of your first bluegill.
By Michael Dewitt, Jr.

Our Best Friend                                                                                         The Dog's life was a mystery, but when they stayed together.                    By Gary Paulsen

Dan loved his dogs and he loved the birds he hunted.
By Bud Temple

Against all Odds
A single, fearless hound goes head-to-head with a huge tom cougar.
By Nick Muckerman

Beware of the Beast of Nchila
In Zambia, either you get the buffalo or the buffalo gets you.
By Chris Dorsey

Elephant Vengeance
Which one of Africa's Big Five is the most dangerous?
By Joe Coogan

Angling in Lau Lau Land
Only in the deep Amazon can you catch 29 species of gamefish.
By Levi Monday

A Plain Great Dog by Jameson Parker

The Other Land Down Under By Robert Matthews

Columns by Mike Gaddis, Roger Pinckney, Jameson Parker, John Seerey-Lester, Robert Matthews, Dwight Van Brunt, Gayne C. Young, Michael Altizer, Ron Spomer, and Jim Casada.

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