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Stalk For A Wild Man-Killer
They drove John Turnow off into the woods . . . until he fought back.
Norman Carlisle

Pursuing the Alpine Ibex
A once-in-a-lifetime hunt amid the lofty peaks of the Swiss Alps. 
Simon K. Barr

A Christmas Eve Swan Shoot
Two renegades pull off an illegal nighttime hunt.
J.C. Bliss   

Betsy & Boo-Boo
When you’re bear hunting alone, your greatest foe is inside.
Al Ippolito

A Lesson in Conversation Pieces 
Memories shine no matter what color the wall is painted.
Jameson Parker

The Kings of Curlew Island
A stag and a diamondback reign supreme in a dense jungle by the sea.
Archibald Rutledge

Kindergarten Moose Hunt 
Here was a guide who had really missed his calling.
Robert Tyler

Hemingway in Michigan 
The making of a literary sportsman.
Dr. David M. Svinarich

Apaches, Atomic Bombs & Oryx 
A hunt like no other where the atomic bomb was first tested.
Ted Schnack Jr.

First To Last 
The author would collect some great trophies before he finally had his chance at a spectacular stag.
Brad Fenson

Lost At Sea
Joshua Slocum shot it out with pirates and mutineers, and sailed solo around the world.
Roger Pinckney

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