Casting Forward: Fishing Tales from the Texas Hill Country

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Hardcover. 220 Pages.

In Casting Forward, naturalist, educator, and writer Steve Ramirez takes the reader on a year-long journey fly-fishing all of the major rivers of the Texas Hill Country.

This is a story of the resilience of nature and the best of human nature. It is the story of a living, breathing place where the footprints of dinosaurs, conquistadors, and Comanches have mingled just beneath the clear spring-fed waters. This book is an impassioned plea for the survival of this landscape and its biodiversity, and for a new ethic in how we treat fish, nature, and each other.

Steve Ramirez is a writer, educator, master naturalist, philosopher, and outdoor adventurer who lives and writes in the Texas Hill Country. He has lived in and traveled across four continents chronicling the unique historical landscapes, human cultures, and natural worlds that are in danger of vanishing.

Casting Forward belongs alongside Holy Ghost Creek and A Fly-Fishers Blue Ridge as books that perfectly capture the essence of place, and our part in it. You would not be mistaken to say that this book is about the Texas Hill Country. Steve is, after all, a master naturalist and a master storyteller. But Casting Forward is about so much more than the outdoors and nature. It is a story of one man''s journey through rivers and mountains to live a life well lived and loved."
—Chris Wood, President/CEO, Trout Unlimited

Every bit the unique sort of Hill Country artistry as a Jerry Jeff Walker show at Gruene Hall. These words are incredibly honest, gritty, and melodic. Sometimes rowdy, always soulful. Steve Ramirez has an uncanny knack for conveying the 360-degree perspective of fly fishing like only an author who has seen so much-and felt so much-can. He's an angling balladeer.
—Kirk Deeter, Editor-in-Chief, Trout Unlimited/Trout Media

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