Bwana Cotton


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Hardcover, 216 Pages.
Limited Edition of 1,000 copies.
Review Copy, Signed by the Author

Book features Cotton Gordon's account of his hunting experiences spanning four decades. This book deals with everything about big game hunting.

Cotton himself has hunted throughout North and South America, Europe and Africa. 1996 marked his 21st year as a PH in Africa. The tremendous number of trophies which appear in the SCI record book under his clients' names is only partial testimony to his extremely successful career.

The capsule stories are strikingly interspersed with candid opinions on many issues intertwined with and relating to big game hunting; Tipping, overstaying your welcome, getting your trophies into the record book, dumb things professional hunters do, what goes into getting a camp ready for the hunter, greed and corruption in Africa and of course plenty of leopard and lion hunting adventures.

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