Bwana Babu Kwaheri

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Hardcover, 372 Pages.
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Dr. Joe Greenfield, a quail-hunter-at-heart, was enticed to Africa by his longtime friend and hunting buddy, professional hunter Joey O'Bannon. What Joey couldn't change was his quirky attitude toward becoming a big game hunter While Bwana Babu (Master Grandfather) eventually became very excited about hunting Cape Buffalo - he even proclaimed himself to be an "African nut" - he never became interested in anything other than the Big Five. In fact, this enthusiastic quail hunter has killed both record-book-size hartebeest and wildebeest for lion bait, but then showed no interest in even having a picture taken to document these kills. During these safaris, Bwana Babu developed a keen insight into the workings and abilities of a number of native trackers. From his perspective, watching pointers perform is the essence of quail hunting. In a similar fashion, observing the trackers skillfully follow spoor is more exciting to him than the actual killing of dangerous game. Bwana Babu has developed a close friendship with a number of these individuals, especially a man named Makanyanga.

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