Big December Canvasbacks

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Softcover, 172 Pages.

Big December Canvasbacks is a poetic celebration of the beautiful waterfowl of the northwest United States and the captivating places they inhabit. Mathewson, whose writing has regularly appeared in such publications as Field and Stream, has an uncanny ability to take us to the heart of what motivates us to pursue these beautiful animals. The book is lavishly illustrated with line art and will make the perfect gift for any waterfowler.

The most exciting time of year for any waterfowler is when summer begins to wane and autumn slowly edges in. The anticipation for the upcoming season is almost too much to bear. Big December Canvasbacks is a candid look into what motivates the waterfowler to pursue these beautiful animals. It is a celebration of both the animals and the picturesque surroundings they inhabit.

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