Before I Forget: Ancient Ways, Whaling, Mushing, Moose, and More

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Softcover, 267 pages.

This captivating collection of 19 stories takes readers on a remarkable journey through Alaska. From the thrilling excavation of prehistoric tools and cultural artifacts discovered during the ambitious basement dig beneath Jake's home to the changing landscape of moose hunting in NW Alaska, once known as the world's best.

Discover how the tradition of whaling for bowhead, right whales, and beluga persists to this day, with ancient methods still in practice. And in a world of modern conveniences, find out why sled dogs continue to play a significant role, primarily for the sheer joy of recreation. 'Before I Forget' weaves together these diverse tales, offering a rich and immersive glimpse into a world where the past and present entwine in fascinating ways.

This book fills a niche and is unique in its subject matter and contribution to history. The life that Jake lives is certainly uncommon to most people, especially outside of Alaska; and it makes one envious of all he's done, experienced, and accomplished.

Jake came to Alaska in 1967 and among other things, he holds Alaska Master Guide license #54, a commercial Pilot license, a 100Ton Mariner's license, is a Benefactor Life member of the NRA and has operated from his eighty acre private land located 155 miles north of the Arctic Circle since 1969.

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