Bearded Rednecks: Showin’ Their Tails and Struttin’ Their Stuff

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Hardcover, 128 Pages.

There is an ancient observation to the effect that if you had the unlimited rights to five thousand acres of cherry bark oat that was as full of turkeys as you could jam it, but that it came with the stipulation that you couldn't take anybody hunting with you, you would soon become bored with your own situation and go hunt with your friends.

Bobby Dale clearly believes this, and in his latest book, Bearded Rednecks, he proves it. He does not simply tell you about his hunts and his turkeys, he takes you along with him and his friends. I never met his friend, Woodrow Dixon, but I know him. Bobby introduced us to one another in the book.

Dip into this work and you are going to repeatedly find people you already know. The names may have changed, but the characters have not, and nobody in this book needs a name changed to protect him, because nobody in this book is even close to being innocent. They can't be. They are all turkey hunters.

Bearded Rednecks: Showin’ Their Tails and Struttin’ Their Stuff  is Bobby Dale’s third volume of tales about the pursuit of the grand gobbler and includes more hilarious and heartfelt stories that readers have enjoyed in Double Gobble and Turkey Roost Tales

“This is a certainty you can take to the bank, he is a man, like many others, who revels in overdoses of misery ladled out by a bird with a brain about the size of the last joint on your middle finger. … He has intimate knowledge of all the mishaps, mistakes, mischances, misses, and plain-out misery associated with turkey hunting.  He can embellish, embroider, enhance, and elaborate a turkey tale in fine fashion. Anyone who doesn’t enjoy this book ain’t got all his turkey genes in order.”
—Jim Casada

“In this book Doc has memorialized for us many stories that are entertaining to share, all involving a shared passion for time spent with friends in and around the outdoors. What makes this book so special, whether you know the characters or not, is the common thread we all have for dear friends and for our desire to enjoy life.” 
Will Primos, Primos Hunting

“What you’ll notice,  is that these stories are really more about people than turkeys. Turkey hunting is the glue that binds them together, but the real subject matter of this book is the lasting friendships Bobby Dale has made through hunting the noble bird. If you can read this book without laughing out loud, without having to wipe a tear or two out of your eye, there simply ain’t no poetry in your soul.” 
—Jim Spencer

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